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Open and Closed Tours’ Efficient Determination in General Directed Graphs
Meeting the Asymmetric Steiner Traveling Salesman Path Problem (ASTSPP)


The Asymmetric Steiner Traveling Salesman Path Problem (ASTSPP) as a relative of the classical Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) seems unattended till now despite its high practical importance for real-time navigation in digital traffic nets! For the ASTSPP we start from a graph with asymmetric arc weights, a start point s, target point t, and a subset S of the graph’s nodes not containing s and t. The objective is to find a minimal cost s-t-walk visiting all nodes of S at least once. We present a new efficient deterministic solution approach. The implemented and exhaustively tested polynomial time algorithm relies on an Advanced Scan of Spanning Trees (ASST) applied to approximate Steiner trees T G spanning S.  The new optimization feature Background Structure Analysis (BSA) overcomes “flaws” of T hampering good results. BSA determines verifiable proposals applied to change T to a new tree T' being a trimmed successor tree of T whose scanning afterwards most probably provides better results. Running ASST and BSA together with optimization feature Confined Complete Enumeration (CCE), the proposed algorithm yields a convincing maximal sample standard deviation qmax ≤ 1,86 %  compared to optimal results for |S| < 15. It accommodates demands for an efficient algorithm running on nets like traffic maps that have not to be complete graphs and that generally have asymmetric arc weights not required to comply with the triangle inequality. Finally yet importantly, the algorithm comes up to the request determining round trips (s= t) and general routes (s≠ t) without any special precaution.


[21]   Richter, Peter  H..:  :
AMSP and ATSP - Asymmetric Multi-Stopover and Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem - Two Efficient Algorithms each near-optimally Solving both Problems

  ResearchGate 19.04.2013,     Example

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